Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

Your panel is programmed with a 1345 number to enable the panel to contact the control room. The panel will send out a daily test every day to ensure that the panel can still communicate with the control room. If your panel misses the daily test, JRW Security Services is contacted by the control room to advise of a missed test. JRW Security Services will then contact you to advise of the missed test and then seek a resolution to the problem. The problem may be as common as Telstra have suspended your phone service due to non-payment. The cost of this daily test is a local phone call. This will show on your phone bill as a 1345 number and will add around $10 or $12 based on a local call charge of $0.30c. This information is listed on the Monitoring Agreement.
Your backup battery will last for 8 hours if you have lost power. Once power is restored the panel will recharge the battery to full power again. The battery will only last for around 5 years and your code pad will indicate if there is a low battery by the Service Light.
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Your alarm system will still work normally as it can run on backup battery power for 8 hours.
Yes you can, but you need to advise us so that we can install a central filter on your line so there is no interference with your internet.
No we have not caused a problem. Alarm systems generally use their own line which is installed by the technician at the time of installation or they can be put onto an existing line. Before you ring us, please make sure that you have contacted Telstra for a line test and that you have paid your bill.
We take cash, cheque, electronic funds transfer via your internet banking or the bank themselves and Ezi Debit. Ezi Debit is a collection business that we use to collect credit card payments. It will require a form to be filled out and there are fees and charges associated with Ezi Debit. These fees and charges are clearly indicated on the form, so please READ the form before you sign it. These charges are put in place by Ezi Debit and we DO NOT COLLECT those fees and charges, Ezi Debit do.
1 year for all installations/products.